Primula and Auricula

Auricula Theatres

Auricula Theatres can be made to order so please contact John (07970 556 915) with your requirements:

  • Measurements required
  • Wall mounted or free standing
  • Finish required ie. colour of paint or varnished

He will then quote you a price for the theatre and delivery costs

Other Auricula Theatre Examples

Painted black with lead roof

Cedar shingles with no ‘guard rails’



An alternative use!

Alpine (A) These are either light or gold centred. The flower is shaded from dark to lighter at the edges. There is no farina (white meal) on the flower so it can be grown outside without rain spoiling the flower.

Border (B) The original garden auricula which is strong, sturdy and well able to withstand weather. There is no farina on the flower and the petal edges are ruffled.

Show (S) The eye of plants in this section is called the paste because it resembles unglazed porcelain: the paste is formed by a waxy substance, farina. This can spoil the look of the flower if rain gets on it.

Show self has a single coloured flower except for the paste centre.


Green – no farina present on the leaf-like edge.
White – farina so dense that no leaf green shows through.
Grey – an intermediate form where some leaf colour can be seen.
Fancy– Show fancies are by definition show auriculas not conforming to any of the other types.
Striped (S/St) these have striped flowers and a paste centre.
Double (D) These have double flowers which can become saturated in heavy rain and lie on the soil.

Our current Primula list stands as follows: