Auricula Care Instructions

Alpine and border auriculas are easily grown outside where they like cool conditions: plenty of light in the spring but never in full summer sun. Humusy soil is best. Show auriculas are probably best in a cold greenhouse with plenty of ventilation, just to keep the weather from spoiling the mealy foliage and flowers. Double flowers often get waterlogged if outside. Cold is not a problem for any auricula.

Water from March onwards but never too much. Keep just damp in winter and if in a greenhouse, remove all dead leaves to avoid botrytis. They do not look very exciting in the winter as they almost close themselves down until they start back into growth in the spring. Remove dead flowers unless you want to save seed. Re-pot or divide in late summer if the plants are too big or are crowded and not flowering as well as you would like. Cuttings in spring are fairly successful.

We have osmocote in our compost, which is a slow release fertilizer, lasting for up to 18 months. You may need to feed with a tomato fertilizer during the growing season.

Watch out for vine weevil and root aphids. We find root aphids are more common in clay-pot grown plants as it is more difficult to regulate water in the compost and they sometimes get too dry. In the past you could have used Provado to control both of these pests but it is not now approved for control of vine weevil.

If you have any queries or problems with your auriculas, do phone or e-mail the nursery and we will try to sort you out.
01746 716 454 or 07974 391 608 (Ingrid’s mobile)