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Nursery Update

John and Ingrid in the nursery In this busy year of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee and the 2012 Olympics in London, we can all join in even if we didn’t get tickets. By being creative in your garden, enjoy an “outdoor room” with a party atmosphere, made as colourful as you like with fresh ideas. And why not make gardening the new gym? Why pay hundreds of pounds in gym membership when you can go into your garden and do the same amount of exercise for free, thus leaving the pounds in your pocket and not on your waistline? This will give you the opportunity to improve both your health and your environment. Gardening has never been so easy with an enormous variety of container grown plants to choose from: not only flowers but also vegetables. Why not try growing them together? Visit us at the nursery or give us a call for some ideas.

We will be running RHS partnership days at the nursery: pruning and propagation, spring and autumn (see our events list). In addition, we are running “special event” days including some where part of the proceeds will go to charity, both local and gardening related.

We hope to see many of our customers, both old and new, not only at the nursery but also at the many plant fairs and shows we attend. Don’t forget that you can order plants from us and we can bring them to any event, thus saving you post and packing charges.

If you are struggling to find a particular plant or have any gardening queries, do not hesitate to get in touch as even if we do not stock the plant or know the answer to your question, we can use all our resources and contacts to solve your problems.

We do not have a bespoke tea room but if you would like a cuppa, just ask. (donations to the RSPCA). Our restroom is disabled friendly, as are the outside sales beds. Please ask if you need any assistance such as getting plants from the tunnels.

Dogs are welcome on leads. Please let us know if you would rather our cats and dog stayed indoors during your visit and we will be most happy to oblige as we realise that not everyone shares our love of animals.

Do look around our garden and pond and feel free to pic-nic: there are tables and chairs available for use. If the weather is inclement, do sit in our shop area and if you venture outside, we have plenty of umbrellas.

Our Weather

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We are available to give talks on the following subjects and if we have enough notice, can tailor one of our talks to you needs/situation, or create a new talk for you. We use a digital projector and can bring our own equipment and plants for sale if you wish.

1. Plant Hunting on Holiday
2. South African Bulbs
3. Herbaceous perennials
4. Plants for Autumn colour in the garden
5. Propagation (practical)
6. The Dry Garden
7. Primulas and Auriculas
8. Cannas
9. An exploration into the world of the Acanthus, including history, influence and other plants in the Acanthus family
10. Bulbs for the garden throughout the year
11. Trees for smaller gardens
12. Plants for wildlife


We are happy to receive daytime or evening visits from gardening clubs, etc. There is room for a coach to park at the end of our lane (by pre arrangement with the farmer) and we can give a talk, guided tour, provide light refreshments or whatever else you may need. Just give us a call for further details. 01746 716 454.

Loyalty Scheme

This is up and running and still costs only £5.00 to join. Benefits include 10% off all purchases at the nursery and previews to our seasonal “sales”.

Featured Plants - Today's best selection
Aquilegia vulgaris flore-pleno Double Pleat blue & white
Double flowered "Granny's Bonnet" with short purple spurs and white frilled petal ends. 75cm.
£ 4.00
Salvia thymoides
NEW. This small perennial Salvia, from the cloud forests in Mexico produces lots of small blue flowers throughout the summer. The small, greyish leaves resemble those of the herb 'Thyme'.
£ 5.50
Corydalis ophiocarpa
Bronzy grey filigree foliage. Creamy white flowers. 40cm.
£ 4.00
Acanthus mollis (Latifolius Group) Rue Ledan
Evergreen plant with dark green shiny foliage. Tall spikes of snow-white flowers which are sweetly scented. (syn Jefalbus, Jardin en Face, mollis white) A handsome plant even in the winter. Good in shade or sun. 120cm.
£ 5.00
Streptocarpus mixed
“Cape Primrose”. Lovely houseplant for a semi shaded spot. Large almost succulent leaves. Masses of strongly coloured flowers. Very fine seed.
£ 1.50
Alcea ficifolia yellow flowered
Perennial hollyhock with pale yellow flowers. Does not get rust. Self seeds. 200cm.
£ 1.50
Polyxena ensifolia
A tiny bulbous plant with white, pink to mauve flowers clustered between two broadly lance-shaped prostrate leaves. It is widely distributed in the drier areas of the Cape Province occurring in moist, flat areas in clay or sandy soils
£ 5.00
Potentilla recta Sulphurea
Dense sprays of palest lemon flowers over a very long season. This is the rarely seen, but much more desirable form of the bright yellow variety. 60cm.
£ 4.00
Allium nutans
A bulbous perennial with grey green leaves. Bears umbels of pinky purple star-shaped flowers in summer. 30cm.
£ 5.50
Ixia Venus
Magenta flowers with a dark centre.
£ 4.50
Dianthus Devon Cream
Beautiful creamy yellow, serrated flowers with a tinge of pink
£ 4.00
Campanula Faichem Lilac
Spires of palest lilac-pink blooms with a dark eye.
£ 1.50
Sanguisorba albiflora
Attractive blue-green ferny foliage. Spikes of white bottlebrush flowers from early summer onwards. Any soil. 70cm.
£ 6.50
Salvia microphylla Kew Red
AGM. This is a particularly vigorous shrub, and if not pruned, can grow up to 200cm. Flowering starts as early as April, provided there has not been a late frost, and will continue until November. The large flowers are bright red. Drought-tolerant.
£ 4.50
Primula auricula Camelot (D)
Dark red purple.
£ 4.50
Ruellia makoyana white flowered
Commonly known as "Monkey Flower", this South American plant has velvety leaves which are dark green with white veining. The habit is quite sprawling and it tolerates a lot of shade. This has white flowers. Excellent conservatory plant.
£ 5.50
Lathyrus vernus Rosenelfe
The prettiness of this plant always manages to cheer us up in early spring when it produces its delicate lustrous pink flowers. Good clump forming plant. 25cm.
£ 4.50
Scadoxus multiflorus
This really has the wow factor! "Fireball" or "Blood" lily, produces rouind flower heads, 15cm across, made up of hundreds of starry blooms of fiery red. These are followed by a flurry of small orange red berries. Excellent conservatory plant. 60cm.
£ 6.00
Primula veris vigorous form
AGM. "Cowslip". Masses of bright-yellow flowers on long stalks in spring. 45cm.
£ 1.50
Gladiolus ochroleucus
grows in grasslands and light bush or woodland in the Eastern Cape. Flowers are either shades of pink, sometimes light purple or reddish, or whitish or yellow flushed brownish on the reverse. The lower tepals are white in the lower half sometimes with dark red-purple median streaks
£ 4.50
Nursery Opening Times
March 1st to October 15th: 9am-5pm daily.
Closed Sundays
All other times by appointment.

AGM - Award of Garden Merit, given by the RHS to particularly garden worthy plants.

PBR - Plant Breeder’s Rights apply